ORLANDO, Fla. — Here's what our reporters and crews along the east coast and around Central Florida are seeing as preparations continue for Dorian.

Check back here as we get in developments on Dorian:

1:20 a.m.

A flood advisory is in effect for Volusia, Lake and Orange counties until 3 a.m. The storm is now east of Edgewater.

11:44 p.m.

Several reports of trees down in Volusia County as rain bands from Dorian lash the county. 

In Daytona Beach a tree crashed into an apartment building on South Clyde Morris Boulevard at the Osprey Landing apartments. 

Everyone is OK. A woman in the apartment says she heard the tree cracking, and then it broke through her porch screen. 

A nother tree fell on a house in DeLand. 

11 p.m.

FPL reports over 1,900 people without power in Flagler County. Our Spectrum News team there is without power in their hotel. 

9:39 p.m.

The Granada Bridge in Ormond Beach has closed due to high winds from Hurricane Dorian. Officials say it will repoen once conditions are safe.

9:35 p.m.

The Abaco Islands have been devastated by the slow-moving Hurricane Dorian, and people already making plans to step in and help. According to Air Mobile Ministries, they are planning on bringing water purification systems to Abaco.

Joe Hurston said him and his team drove to Tennessee to go pick up a Cessna Caravan. As soon as it's safe to fly, they will be dropping off medical supplies to Haiti, then heading to the Abaco Islands. He says they can also help do medical evacuations if necessary.

The nonprofit is asking for public donations to help fund the water purifiers, because each one costs $2,500 but lasts more than 14 years. — Krystel Knowles, Spectrum News

9:30 p.m.

Brevard County now reports 3,291 power outages related to Dorian. 

9:07 p.m.

Power outage reports continue to come in from utility companies. FPL reports over 9,000 customers without power in the state. Some 2,998 are in Brevard County, while 3,681 customers are out in Volusia County.

Duke energy reports almost 2,000 people without power in Volusia, Seminole and Orange counties. Outage reports so far are scattered.

8:50 p.m.

Prime Minister of the Bahamas Hubert Minnis said in a news conference that the Hurricane Dorian death toll has risen to seven people, and that he expects that number to rise. 

Minnis said the deaths involved two people who were injured earlier and taken to New Providence Island. 

8:47 p.m.

The Dunlawton Bridge in Volusia County has closed because wind speeds have reached 39 mph, according to Daytona Beach Shores Police. Dunlawton Avenue is a major evacuation route from the beach side.

Also, Ormond Beach has imposed a curfew from now until 6 a.m. Wednesday. There will also be a curfew from 6 p.m. Wednesday until 6 a.m. Thursday. The curfew affects the beachside, and police will be stationed to enforce it.

8:16 p.m.

The Brevard County Emergency Management reports 690 power outages in the county, affecting about 315,400 customers. 

7:45 p.m.

Indialantic Police say a 68-year-old man died Sunday when he fell from a third-story balcony while performing hurricane prep at a condominium in Indialantic. David Bradley of The Wavecrester condos on South Miramar Avenue was standing on a small ladder just after 4 p.m., trying to install plywood on his windows, when he lost his balance and fell through a screen enclosure, police said. He was pronounced dead at a hospital.

7:20 p.m.

Because of an improved forecast track for Florida, Osceola County has lifted a curfew that was supposed to go in place at 11 p.m. The school district will remain closed Wednesday.

Orange County Public Schools will reopen Thursday. Varsity football will move from Friday night to Monday.

7:02 p.m.

Some outer bands of Hurricane Dorian began moving through Seminole County on Tuesday, bringing gusty winds and rain at times. Seminole County Emergency Managers say almost 200 people have sought shelter in the county’s seven evacuation shelters as part of a voluntary evacuation. Officials report a few power outages in the Oviedo and Sanford areas so far, but they say most of those have already been restored.

There’s no curfew or mandatory evacuations in place in Seminole County. County leaders say they expect the worst conditions between about 11 p.m. Tuesday and 5 a.m. Wednesday. Emergency managers are keeping a close eye on water levels along the St. Johns River, where some areas are nearing flood stage. A flood warning is in effect through the weekend for certain areas of the St. Johns River.

5:35 p.m.

At the Volusia County Sheriff's Office Operations Center, massive high-water rescue vehicles were being prepped in case they're needed, whether in Daytona Beach or Ormond Beach.

"If there are 5 or 6 feet (of water) and people can't get out and are trapped inside their homes or condos or apartments, we would deploy teams that can drive in there and get them and their pets to dry land," Sheriff Mike Chitwood says.

A curfew is in place from the Halifax River east starting at 6 p.m.

5:25 p.m.

Flagler County emergency management officials say waves at Flagler Beach could be 15 to 20 feet high sometime tonight. Despite that — and the mandatory evacuation in effect right now — many people were still on the beach Tuesday afternoon.

The chief of Flagler Beach Police tells us that his officers will be out making announcements to try to get people to leave.

“So far, it’s just been a lot of onlookers, a lot of people wanting to take selfies, (but) they are trying to get out and get that last picture of the pier," Flagler Beach Police Chief Matt Doughney said. "Nobody has tried to go out on the pier, which if they want to try to hop that fence, they are going to wind up getting arrested. It's all about making quality decisions and being safe."

A curfew goes into effect tonight at 7 p.m. If people are still out, authorities will he ask them to return to their homes. But if people are out doing things they shouldn't be doing, they could face arrest.

4:38 p.m.

Despite a mandatory evacuation on Cocoa Beach, there were still people getting their drink on at Hunker Down Lounge on Cocoa Beach.

But officials say people still need to take precautions, as Dorian was still a very powerful storm Tuesday afternoon. Emergency officials were urging residents to stay put or evacuate if you live on the barrier islands, stay off the beach, and stay out of the water due to dangerous rip currents.

4:33 p.m.

Steady winds and surf are being seen here in the late afternoon hours at Pelican Beach Park in Brevard County.

Satellite Beach city workers have put up boards to block access to the sand.

The surf has been consistently rough over most the day, prompting officials to warn people not to head into the surf.

Police had a report of two people boogie-boarding in the ocean as the waves crashed in. They got in safe.

Dylan Busl of Satellite Beach, who came out to take a look at the storm, told us he understands the warnings not to go onto the beach.

"It's important for safety," Busl said. "A lot of people don't realize how easy it is to be taken away by the water."

The city of Cocoa Beach has closed its beaches because too many people were wandering out in the surf.

Police said they'll be patrolling there.

2:52 p.m.

Cocoa Beach has been closed, according to officials. 

2:50 p.m.

Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood issued a curfew from the Halifax River East from 6 p.m., Tuesday, to 6 a.m. Wednesday.

If the conditions are just as bad as they are on Tuesday, the sheriff stated that there will be another curfew Wednesday at 6 p.m. until 6 a.m., Thursday.

"The main purpose of the curfew is to keep folks off the street that don't have anything to do with emergency (personnel) ...," he stated, adding that he does not want people to become a victim of Dorian's impact to the area.

2:45 p.m.

Sumter County Schools will be open on Wednesday.

1:28 p.m.

Time was running out for some residents to leave Flagler County, of which parts along the coast and in low-lying, flood-prone areas, or in mobile homes were under a mandatory evacuation order.

They had to leave by 3 p.m.

At Bunnell Elementary School, the main shelter for the county, there were more than 180 people sheltering in place. The facility can house about 1,000 people, officials say.

"We just want people to be safe, whether they come here or somewhere else," Flagler County Schools Superintendent James Tager said. "But we certainly welcome our guests, and I think they’re expecting some stormy weather this evening. So if you want to come to a shelter where you’ll be treated well, now will be the time."

Meanwhile, Flagler emergency officials stressed that if you live in an evacuation zone and don’t leave, it's at your own risk.

If anything happens, first responders won't be able to help you until after the storm passes, and even then, probably not right away.

A curfew will take effect in the mandatory evacuation areas, beginning at 7 p.m.

Flagler is offering a special needs shelter at Rymfire Elementary. Bunnell Elementary is also the pet-friendly shelter. Betwen both shelters, there were about 345 people in place.

1:20 p.m.

In downtown Sanford, some outer bands of Dorian were bringing intermittent heavy wind and rain. 

But one thing that has remained constant is choppy water along the riverfront of Lake Monroe.

The water level was already at "action stage," which is right below flood stage, in the lake, and along the entire St. Johns River throughout Seminole County, which was under a tropical storm warning Tuesday.

A flood warning for certain areas through later this week has been issued because the water is expected to rise with all of the rainfall.

During breaks in the rain, people venturd out along the waterfront, including one young man who said he’s taken the storm seriously, and has been keeping his family updated on what’s going on.

“If a storm is directed right at us we might have to evacuate. And I just like researching weather sometimes," Christian Wilson said.

12:55 p.m.:

In St. Lucie County, about two hours southeast of Central Florida on the coast, emergency managers think the risks for storm surge are going down, but this is part of the worry that still exists, as well as beach erosion.

The area was under a hurricane warning, and there was still heavy winds and rough surf at a Fort Pierce beach on Tuesday morning.

Although a barrier island was closed off to business owners and resident only, there were a few people fishing.

"Through Hurricane Jeanne when I was still living here, (I) came fishing all the time," said George Emmert of Fort Pierce. "Hurricane Matthew, I came down from Ocala to fish. ... (There was) nobody around, (and) the fish are there if you can find a good spot."

Nearby residents were anxious for Dorian to pass, but emergency managers were stressing safety by keeping people in place until the storm is clear of the area and the hurricane warning lifted.

11:58 a.m.:

"Because of the current track and the latest information, we have decided not to implement a curfew at this time," Orange County Sheriff John Mina said during a news conference. "We would just encourage folks to remain inside and not go outside unless absolutely necessary."

Mina also cautioned against those who might take advantage of the emptier businesses.

"I will say that we have additional staffings, lots of deputies... all in an effort to deter those who are looking to take advantage of storm conditions."

11:30 a.m.:

Orlando International Airport officials say flights have ceased operations, and the stoppage has been in place since 2 a.m.

But inside Terminal A, facilities are still in operation. Starbucks is open, security personnel are walking around, and TSA officials are on the job.

Some confused passengers were escorted to waiting buses this morning. They were expecting to board a plane but instead were being taken to shelter in the Lake Nona area.

"I got in earlier this morning. They'll put us up for the night I suppose," Anthony Lewis said.

9:38 a.m.:

The Florida Department of Health in Orange County warned Floridians that do to the heavy rains from Hurricane Dorian, people should protect themselves against mosquito-borne diseases.

7:42 a.m.:

A baby sea turtle seems to be a victim of Hurricane Dorian's impact. 

6:01 a.m.:

In a tweet, U.S. Sen. Rick Scott warned of life-threatening storm surges and hurricane-force winds that could impact Florida's coast on Tuesday.

5:30 a.m.:

2:17 a.m.:

The U.S. Coast Guard airlifted at least 25 people injured on Abaco Island in The Bahamas so far. 

Officials say they received a "tremendous" number of calls from people trapped in flooded homes. At least two designated storm shelters were also flooded. 

Five people have died.

12:40 a.m., Tuesday, September 3, 2019:

The city of Cocoa Beach says a mandatory evacuation is in full effect. Bridges do not close prior to the storm, so officials are urging people to leave now if they haven't already done so. 

Major damage is expected to marinas, docks, boardwalks and piers along Brevard County's coast.

10:45 p.m., Monday, September 2, 2019:

9:54 p.m., Monday, September 2, 2019:

The U.S. Coast Guard is on the ground in the Bahamas, helping to pull people to safety.

Helicopter crews from Coast Guard Air Station Clearwater carried dozens of people from the Marsh Harbour clinic on Andros Island to Nassau International Airport. All of them had medical conditions, and ranged from children to the elderly. 

It's one of several Coast Guard missions happening right now.

8:18 p.m., Monday, September 2, 2019:

The International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent says as many as 13,000 houses may have been severely damaged or destroyed in The Bahamas, according to reports from authorities and Red Cross officials on the ground.

At least 5 people have died in The Bahamas so far.

7:45 p.m., Monday, September 2, 2019:

The city of Melbourne Beach has issued a curfew at 7 p.m. until 7 a.m. in preparation for Hurricane Dorian.

6:42 p.m., Monday, September 2, 2019:

Ride sharing services Uber and Lyft are offering credits toward rides to and from state-approved evacuation shelters EXCEPT in Brevard County. Both services are using the promo code DORIANRELIEF. Check Uber's website or Lyft's website for more details.

In Brevard County, Uber will suspend operations at midnight tonight for the safety of drivers and passengers.

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