BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. — With days left until the final votes are counted, there is a ballot item in Brevard County that affects students.

What You Need To Know

Shellby Joslin-Boote is in favor of renewing the half-cent sales surtax, not only as a former world history teacher but as a mother.

“I'd see better building structures, being a product of Brevard schools, the buildings haven't been upgraded and I graduated 17 years ago,” Joslin-Boote said. “We taught our children if you go to school and get the education that you can provide for your family.”

As Brevard Public Schools Communications Officer Russell Bruhn explained, dilapidated schools need repairs and technology needs to be maintained and enhanced. The technology issues were something students experienced first hand during the pandemic.

“Make our technology more robust, we saw that in March when everyone was distance learning,” he said.

But what would happen if people vote no?

“I can't say what would be taken away or what would be limited, the school and education process could be impacted,” Bruhn said.

Joslin-Boote said the surtax is a small investment, but it's something very worth it.

“They are the future, they are the ones that going to come into power and make the laws when youre older and make policies," she said. "So wouldn't you rather they be informed?"

Brevard Public Schools is the largest employer in the county with more tha 9,000 employees. The ballot item would, if passed, extend the half-cent surtax for another 6 years.