KISSIMMEE, Fla. — Long-term tenants at two hotels on US-192 in Kissimmee are getting some much-needed help.

The Salvation Army of Osceola County brought out clothes, food, and gift cards to the families of the Star Motel and Lake Cecile Inn & Suites with the help of Changing Rooms, the Celebration Foundation, and the Rotary Club of Celebration, among other nonprofits.

The two hotels have been dealing with power and water issues due to nonpayment. Ken Chapman with the Salvation Army of Orange & Osceola Counties said more has to be done for these individuals in need.

“We are not even at the worse part yet. I believe the worst part is a few months away.... When the moratorium on evictions is lifted. People are going to be homeless in a way they never have been before in this whole community,” Chapman said. “But we will stand together, all the agencies and the Salvation Army will work together to make this work.”

Management said tenants are not paying their rents. But renters did collect some funds to pay part of the Kissimmee Utility Authority bill owed. They pulled $1,000 together while the business owner paid the remaining $500 needed.

About $1,500 needs to be paid weekly, as part of the payment arrangement, on top of the existing electric monthly bill.