BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. — The number of people helped by the Vaxxagals are at 1,110 and counting.

What You Need To Know

  • Vaxxagals are a volunteer group helping people get COVID-19 vaccine appointments

  • They originally were helping Brevard residents but are now helping people statewide

  • Vaxxagals can be reached at

We introduced you to Elizabeth Logan last month. She’s one of the Vaxxagals, a group of six volunteers based in Brevard County who are helping seniors in Central Florida get COVID-19 vaccine appointments.

Now, just as eligibility for the vaccine has expanded, so has their services.

“It rapidly changes, but we’re ready to change with it,” Logan said.

The volunteers are now helping anyone who’s eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. That number has surged since people younger than 65 who have been deemed to have an "extreme vulnerability" to COVID-19 now can get a doctor's waiver to get vaccinated. Florida pre-K-12 school staff are also now eligible to get a vaccine appointment.

The Vaxxagals are now going beyond Central Florida to help people all across the state. They’ve secured shots for more than 1,100 people, total. More recently, they helped newly eligible Bayside High School teacher Adam Tritt.

“I will feel much more comfortable,” Tritt said of getting vaccinated. “I will feel like I don’t need to dread coming to work every day, that’s I’m not putting my spouse at risk, I’m not putting my children at risk.”

Logan says right now, though, there’s a lot of confusion, because not every site is prepared to help people under 65 with high risk health conditions.

“You know, ‘mess’ is the right word, because it really varies (by location),” Logan said.

In spite of the kinks, Logan and Tritt agree, this vaccine is binding back together what they felt the virus broke apart.

“It’s really bringing families back together, and I really think that’s the most wonderful thing,” Logan said.

“That’s worth traveling, that’s worth the anxiety, that’s worth everything,” Tritt added.

If you would like to sign up to get help from the Vaxxagals, email