The City of Cocoa Beach is lifting its state of emergency COVID-19 order requiring people to wear masks inside public places and outdoors when not social distancing.

What You Need To Know

  • The change goes into effect on Monday

  • Some business owners say they'll require masks anyway

  • City says order can be reinstated if new cases spike

But business owners like Linda Greenhaw, who owns a bait store in Cocoa Beach, said she will still require customers to wear masks inside her business.

A sign on the shop’s front door reads, “Please wear a mask in you come in. I am high risk.”

Greenhaw said she has had cancer twice.

“It is very scary, and very scary knowing you don't an immune system after that,” Greenhaw explained.

She said that sign will remain there, making it clear she won't let customers without masks come in despite the city’s decision to rescind its face covering order on Monday

Greenhaw told Spectrum Bay News 9 she wants to try to keep herself stay safe, protect her family, and her customers.

“I have no immune system, I have nothing to fight this disease off. So I wear my mask out of respect for them, and I ask them to wear their mask for me and my family, because my husband and his mother lives in my house, and they heart conditions.”

Greenhaw said she fought hard to beat cancer and puts in a lot of hours at work to earn a living – which she wants to keep doing.

“I work 80 hours a week, darling. I don't get a day off, only a half day off on Tuesday.”

But not every business owner agrees with continuing to enforce the wearing of masks indoors.

One business along A1A said it plans to leave the decision up to the customers.

The city said the order could be reinstated if there’s a local spike of new COVID-19 cases.