Disney CEO Bob Iger's compensation dropped more than $18 million in 2019 compared to the previous year, according to an SEC filing released Friday.

Iger's compensation package was $47.5 million last year. In 2018, it was $65.6 million, with most of the pay coming from a sizable stock bonus and incentives.

The Walt Disney Company faced criticism last year when it was reveal how much the CEO made. In Friday's filing, the board said it decided to "revise" Iger's 2019 compensation.

"Through that feedback, we learned of the concerns about certain aspects of Mr. Iger's employment agreement, including concerns from some shareholders regarding the amount of Mr. Iger's total compensation and the rigor of the performance criteria for Mr. Iger's one-time performance-based equity award," the filing said.

The compensation decrease came during a big year for the company. Early in 2019, Disney finalized a $71.3 billion deal to acquire 21st Century Fox's entertainment assets. It also launched a new streaming service called Disney+ and became the first studios to pull in $11 billion at the worldwide box office in a single year.

Iger, who has been Disney's CEO since 2005, has said he will retire in 2021.