MELBOURNE, Fla. – Owners of car dealerships in Brevard County are saying "enough is enough" after their businesses were the target of break-ins.

  • Brevard County car dealerships target of break-ins
  • Business owners have taken steps to prevent items being stolen
  • Authorities are still looking for the people responsible

Bill Murray, Car Guys Auto Sales, says his business has been broken into three times.

“We were broken into, they stole six cars, two years later there was another break-in, they stole one car and when we catch these guys we will prosecute to the fullest,” Murray said. “Hope they stop before someone gets hurt.”

Nothing was taken the third time since Murray no longer keeps keys or valuables at the shop overnight. But the cost to replace the broken glass is more than $1,000. Murray says he updated his security system last week to include motion detectors.

About two miles away, Don Poussard's dealership, Harbor City Auto Sales, was hit twice in a matter of days. Poussard says two guys stole cash, a gun and a safe and then last week a group of four tried to gain entry, but the alarm scared them away.

“One of these days they are going to pop through the glass and have a different outcome, I know a few dealers that are going to sleep in their business,” Poussard said.

According to the Melbourne Police Department, in the past month, three different car dealerships were targeted and a couple of them twice. In the Brevard County Sheriff's Office's jurisdiction, so far this year, only one dealership was hit, but that number can quickly change.

Brevard County Sheriff's Office spokesperson says chances are the suspects are local.

“Dealerships are easy marks, if they burglarized the place and get the keys then they have access to any car they want to drive,” Goodyear said. “They will pick multiple cars or one car, to use for another car that can't be traced back to them so they use a stolen car.”

Harbor City Auto Sales is offering a 2,500 reward for tips leading to an arrest. ​