ORLANDO, Fla. — A University of Central Florida sorority chapter accused of violating several campus rules will remain suspended for the fall semester.

UCF officials say the Zeta Omega chapter of the Alpha Delta Pi sorority did violate 11 of the 16 organizational rules of conduct it was accused of in charges reported over the summer.

A sorority member reported the chapter for charges that included encouraging underage drinking, which included the selling of Florida driver's licenses, and other harmful behavior.

UCF put ADPi on temporary suspension while investigating. Officials says the 11 violations fit in the following categories:

  • Possessing and/or providing false and misleading information
  • Disruptive conduct
  • Harmful behavior
  • Alcohol related misconduct
  • Advertising
  • Academic misconduct

Organizational suspension means the chapter is not allowed to use university resources or facilities, can't take part in university events unless it gets advanced permission by the head of the Office of Student Conduct, and it can't recruit or initiate any new members. 

ADPi must also complete educational sanctions. If not, it could face suspension in future semesters.

ADPi must develop a revised education membership plan that discusses things like alcohol and social media use. It also must create a new internal communication system for members, and create a video for other fraternities and sororities.