MERRITT ISLAND, Fla. – Residents at River Palms Waterfront Mobile Home Community on Merritt Island know all too well their home is in a flood zone.

  • River Palms Waterfront residents saw flooding over the weekend
  • The area is in a flood zone, which residents know all too well
  • Some residents are required to have flood insurance

As community manager Patrick Ward explains, people who live there for the most part have extra insurance.

“Flood insurance is something they can get, a lot of people don't know that it might be a little expensive if you have an older home,” Ward said.

Ward said people who move to the area learn pretty quickly how easily Banana River Drive floods. Parts of the road according to the Brevard County flood zone map is in a flood hazard area, and some residents are required to have flood insurance to obtain financing for their house.

“We are a special place here, we have water on both sides being at sea level, it's a challenge but it's a trade-off for the million dollar view,” Ward said.

Doug Kelly, who lives in Merritt Island, said road conditions are not the only thing he’s worried about.

"The rain came all the way through the yard right up to where I’m standing. This whole yard was full of water and the cars were driving past, making waves," Kelly said. "I was a little concerned, because another six inches here and it would be in the house. It was a little closer than I’d like."

Cars are also at risk during heavy rain like inundated roads. Even a foot of water is enough for your car to start floating, so if you see a puddle of water your best bet is to not drive over it.

The repairs can be costly and deadly, according to FEMA.  

Almost half of flood deaths happen in vehicles.  If you encounter flood waters on the roadway, turn around, don't drown.

“Hydrolock that what it's called when you get water up in your air tank then you have to replace your motor,” Ward said.

Spectrum News 13 reporter Jesse Canales contributed to this story.