ORLANDO, Fla. — Orlando city leaders have approved a new affordable housing plan that some residents have voiced concerns about.

The plan involves the city of Orlando selling a section of land off Orange Center Boulevard to Hannibal Square Community Land Trust.

City leaders say the plan would offer affordable housing to residents who would own their home, but the land trust would own the land it sits on.

Some residents don’t believe the housing will really be affordable for everyone.

“So there again, we have gentrification,” said homeowner Stella M. Lewis. “They want to bring up the community so it appeals to the middle class, and get rid of the low-income people.”

“Our interest is making that corridor into a high-quality corridor that has housing that anybody would be proud of,” said Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer.

The city got the land, located not far from Camping World Stadium, and demolished run-down apartments to clear the way for the new housing units.​