BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. — A weekend feud continues after campaign signs were placed in front of other signs as a barricade in Palm Bay.

  • Signs placed in front of table at early voting locations
  • BCSO: Removing, preventing the sign owner from using sign is illegal

What happens when campaigning hits a new low?

Two tables at an early voting location, each belonging to opposing political parties, are unusable because they were blocked by signs from the opposition.

“Had this not happened, they would have been out to give their information. We would have been able to do the same. Everybody would have been informed,” said Janice Crisp, a Brevard Republican Party volunteer.

After contacting the supervisor of elections and the state, according to Florida Election Code, they only have jurisdiction if the signs are placed inside the 100-foot "no solicitation zone" during an election. All of the signs are outside of their jurisdiction.

“It’s embarrassing. It’s like an eight-grade student council election. Can we please just be grownups?” said Norine Noonan, a Brevard Democratic Party volunteer.

According to Brevard County Sheriff’s Office, if someone moves these signs to regain access to their tent, no crime's been committed. But keep in mind, they said removing, stealing, defacing, or preventing the sign owner from using their sign is illegal.

Although it’s unclear who put up the signs, according to Florida Statue, political campaign signs must be removed within 30 days after the election.