LAKE HELEN, Fla. — Not far from the heart of Central Florida is a small community, but they do things a little different than some.  

  • Cassadaga home to spiritualists (also known as 'mediums')
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It's the kind of quiet you rarely hear anymore — you'll pick up on sounds you might often miss in the day- to-day bustle of life.

You may even get a feeling or an energy as you walk the streets of Cassadaga.

“We see Hollywood and movies and people speaking to the dead, and it drums up a lot of fear. It’s nothing like that though — that's not what we do here," said Cassadaga Activity Director Dawn Medley.

This small community in Lake Helen is home to spiritualists — or the more common term "mediums." These mediums walk through the streets and see something you might not — the spirits of those once living.

Their tour guides lead you through the town, teaching its histories and the stories of spirits that still remain in Cassadaga.

You might even experience something yourself. There are recorded "hot spots" in the town. One of the places with the most recorded activity and energy is down at the camp’s lake. They say their night tours is when it will be most active.

“There is just something about the energy here that creates a calmness for residents and visitors alike. You just feel it as you walk in the community and walk the streets, and visit our parks," Medley said.

Their historic guided walking tours are offered on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 2 p.m. You can call and make reservations for different tour times or scheduled one of their night tours as well.

You can find more information on their town and other tours and events they offer by heading to their website.