ORLANDO, Florida — Cemeteries often have a mysterious side to them, and what better time to learn about their secrets and history than the month of October.

Aside from the occasion chirp of birds, the silence that drifts through Greenwood cemetery isn't hard to miss.

The shade from decades old oak trees keeps the stories and mysterious safe under each headstones.

"Every single day new families come here, and even when they come to visit, each one has a different story, and the best people that can tell a story are your own families," said  Donald Price, a Cemetery Sexton.

Price has walked these grounds for close to four decades. As the Cemetery Sexton, he knows just about every story behind each headstone — making him the ideal guide for their walking tours through Greenwood Cemetery.

You'll get a glimpse into the past, walking through the cemeteries nearly 100 acres in the heart of Orlando.

"Our tours are built around people and what they did. Everyone did something weather you were a plumber or a senator, so that's what we are trying to do is learn these names and make these connections," Price said.

There is no shortage of things to learn either, from the somewhat mysterious legends you learn about on the property, to the stories of some of the founders of the City of Orlando who are now buried on the property.

On the tour you'll come across Jessica Branches's headstone. You may not know who she is off the top of your head, but she's actually the woman who coined Orlando's motto "The City Beautiful."

It's anecdotes like these that will transport you to a different decade in Orlando's history, all while taking in the breathtaking sites around Greenwood Cemetery.

The Greenwood Cemetery walking tours are best scheduled by calling ahead for a reservation. You can check out their website for more information.