Spectrum News 13 got local reaction following the Syrian airstrikes by the U.S., U.K., and France. 

The Chairman of the Syrian American Council in Orlando, Jaber Nyrabeah, agrees with the President's decision to strike. 

He is the son of Syrian parents and knows first hand the pain of the nation's unrest. 

“Most of my immediate family were either killed or displaced in the 1980’s by Assad’s father,” Nyrabeah said. 

He also still has friends who live there -- friends who said they were happy to see the U.S. take action. 

“A lot of people were thankful, a lot of people were excited thinking this could be the end of Assad’s atrocities," he said. 

Those feelings were echoed by Florida's Senators, Bill Nelson and Marco Rubio. 

Nelson said he supports the attack because Assad must be held accountable for the use of Chemical weapons. 

Rubio said that he urges the administration to follow up with a real and comprehensive strategy for ending the threat to his people.  

That's something Nyrabeah said the people of Syria also want to see. 

"This seems to be a one-time hit, which is putting people into a disappointment mode,” said Nyrabeah.

They now worry it will embolden Bashar Al-Assad, who could use other conventional weapons against them. 

Instead of a one-time strike he said they want more. 

“A sustained airstrike that will end his Air Force or cripple it to a point where he can’t carry these mass atrocities and drop bombs on civilians or use chemical weapons on babies, woman, and children,” Nyrabeah said. 

Nyrabeah said Syrians don’t want to become refugees, but the only way to stay in their home country is to end Assad’s regime.