ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. — Every normal weekday morning it seems, drivers can expect big backups on Boggy Creek Road and at least one viewer has had enough.

  • Elizabeth Smock says that Boggy Creek Road can be congested
  • She says it is only a two-lane country highway; not designed for traffic
  • Plan is in process to widen Boggy Creek Road

That viewer's name is Elizabeth Smock and she wants to know what can be done to alleviate some of those huge delays that people see there on a daily basis near the Orange County/Osceola County line.

Smock's frustrations with Boggy Creek Road came to a boil recently when a wreck on Narcoossee Road, just last week, forced even more vehicles than usual onto the road.

"Boggy Creek was backed up for hours," said Smock. "I had one person next door say it took her 90 minutes to go seven miles."

Smock says for right now the infrastructure in the area is not matching up with growth.

"Boggy Creek is a two lane country highway," Smock explained. "And they are putting up subdivisions all over the place."

Spectrum News 13 was able to find out that Boggy Creek Road is at least in the process of being widened from two lanes to four lanes from the Orange County/Osceola County line near Simpson Road all the way north to State Road 417.

The project is funded by the county's INVEST program, which has allocated more than $200 million to road improvement projects designed to alleviate congestion.

That roadwork will also include sidewalks, bike lanes, road lighting and median landscaping. Construction should begin early next year as soon as January.

That may not be soon enough for Smock. For now, she sees nothing but more cars on a narrow road.

"Our county commissioner for Boggy Creek has put a moratorium on new subdivisions out there except there are already three new ones that have been approved," lamented Smock.  "So, what is that going to do?  Another thousand cars?"

Thanks for your question Elizabeth!

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