FORT PIERCE, Fla. — A museum that transports you into the lives of Navy Seals awaits visitors in beautiful Fort Pierce.

Rick Kaiser is no stranger to the sounds and sites you’ll find inside the Fort Pierce Navy Seal Museum.

Rick first joined the seals in 1979. His service spanning decades, but he might be most well-known for serving in Somalia during the 1993 "black hawk down" mission.

"To have an actual item like this black hawk in here that I actually flew in during the black hawk down mission — it really is an honor to have this in here," Museum Executive Director Rick Kaiser said.

The museum, now a staple in Fort Pierce for nearly 30 years, offers an in-depth look at how the Navy Seals have grown and changed over the years.

You can go through each decade in the seals history seeing how they contributed during wars and major historical events.

When you're in the museum they even want you to experience what it might be like to be a Navy Seal. That's why they offer opportunities to get hands on and suit up in combat gear, and even feel the weight of an actual gun a seal would have carried.

The extensive displays will captivate visitors. In fact, as you make your way through each room, every artifact you’ll see on display was either used in combat or training by a real navy seal.

It’s a day trip adventure that will immerse you in the history of our country and offer a newfound appreciation for the service by navy seals past and present.

The Navy Seal Museum is closed on Mondays, their hours vary the rest of the week so for more information on hours and pricing, head to their website.