WEST MELBOURNE, Fla. — A unique farm that lets you learn the process of growing, picking, and cooking your own veggies and fruits awaits you in West Melbourne.  

“This place is really fun because you can kind of do everything. It’s not just a farm there’s a store, a farm, a petting zoo, just all this stuff you can do. That’s why kids love it so much," explained Kaylyn Murray while picking lettuce.

Kaylyn and her friends are rarely sitting inside on sunny Florida days. You can usually find them at MJ's Farm to Table where they're learning the ropes of a real life farm.

“This give us the opportunity to make healthy living — by healthy eating," said owner Matthew Wichmann.

At MJ’s they’re teaching you everything, from how to grow veggies and fruits, to harvesting your crop, to cooking it up for a healthy meal.

They’re evening using an innovative growing technique — hydroponics.

To give you an idea of what hydroponics is, they don’t actually use any fertilizer or soil to grow the plants. Instead they place the plants in a soil substitute and the nutrition for the plant comes from a small water tube.

This new-age way of growing is just another way to keep our food fresh and makes for fun experience for kids and adults alike.

“This place is just pretty cool. Here, everything is fresh and the fruit and vegetables aren’t inside all day like at a typical store," Chessie Reid said.

Their farm-to-table experience, along with their store, allows you to get some fresh tasting food and learn about a healthy lifestyle all in one process.

So head down to MJ’s Farm to table — you won’t be disappointed with this food filled adventure. While you're there be sure to check out their store on-site, where they grow and bottle all their own unique fruit jellies!

MJ’s Farm to Table market is open Tuesday Through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

You can contact them via Facebook or by checking out their website online.