ORLANDO, Fla. —The campaign trail is heating up as Election Day draws closer and that means more and more people are turning to mail in and early voting.

And the latest numbers show this could be a record setting turnout of early voting, which ends Saturday, November 3, according to the Florida Division of Elections.

Over 3 million people have already voted by mail and returned their ballots, or voted early. Another 1.6 million+ have been sent mail-in ballots but have not returned them yet. 

The political party numbers are broken down to: 1.29 million Republican voters and 1.23 million Democratic voters.

Third party and no party affiliated voters make up nearly 547,000 vote-by-mail and early voting ballots.

Taking a closer look at who is voting early in some of the most populated counties across Central Florida reveals that Republicans are outvoting Democrats locally as well, according to voter data.

In at least four counties, which include Brevard, Seminole and Volusia, Republicans lead the vote.

Democrats are leading in Orange and Osceola counties.