VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. — Thousands are expected to hit Central Florida’s beaches this Fourth of July weekend. And with parts of South Florida shutting beaches down, we could see even more people coming to Central Florida beaches amid record-breaking coronavirus cases. 

What You Need To Know

As Florida broke a new milestone in the coronavirus pandemic on Thursday, many Volusia County leaders are stressing to people to follow mask mandates and social distancing guidelines.

This comes as thousands are expected to hit Daytona Beach for the weekend. On Thursday, not only locals but people coming from out of state were at the beach.

"Soak it in, the sun, man. I am going get some seafood and have the best time,” Jacob, visiting from Savannah.

The pandemic is not stopping him, his brother, and their girlfriends from coming down to Daytona Beach.

“The 4th is a big vacation time for us and our family for sure,” he said.

They are down here for five days staying at the Hilton. While they are having fun, they also understand there is a pandemic going on and are taking precautions.

“I think if you do the things you are supposed to do, and social distance on the beach and social distance, everybody will be ok,” he said.

That is the message officials want to send when visiting Volusia County.

“Social distance is key, one of them there is three masking up, and washing your hands or using sanitizer,” said Volusia County Council Chair Ed Kelley.

With huge crowds expected at the beach this weekend, it is all hands on deck for Volusia County Beach Safety.

“This is our Superbowl, this our World Series with our busiest weekend,” said Volusia County Beach Safety Director Ray Machester.

They will have plenty of lifeguards and crews will be on four-wheeler ATV patrolling. They are reminding people there is no alcohol on the beach or fireworks.

Businesses are pitching in to do their part by making sure people are safe, such as hotels having markings on the ground to social distance and offering masks.

Officials are urging people to follow CDC guidelines, look for parts of the beach that are less busy, and avoid major thoroughfares. And while at restaurants and businesses, to wear their masks.

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