STATEWIDE — On Monday, the Florida Senate Democratic caucus is calling for Gov. Ron DeSantis to further address the rising coronavirus cases in the state and it is expected that they want to see the return of restrictive lockdown measures.

Over the weekend, cases hit another daily record high, with cases have now topped at more than 140,000 in the state.

It is expected that Democrats will call for a special legislative session to address ICU bed capacity and state revenue concerns.

Dozens of cars lined up early Monday morning before the Orange County Convention Center coronavirus testing site opens up for the day at 9 a.m.

The Florida Department of Health reported on Sunday more than 8,500 new cases of coronavirus and 29 deaths.

According to, hospitalizations are going up at around 165 per day.

Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties will close their beaches on the July 4th weekend.

DeSantis said interactions between young people are driving up the coronavirus cases, and the 25 to 34 years old age group is now leading in positive cases.

"This is basically socializing, you have graduation parties, you're going out, you're doing different things, and in certain environments that's going to be conducive to transmitting the virus," DeSantis said.

He is urging younger people to avoid interacting with the more vulnerable groups like the elderly who are more likely to die from the virus.

The governor said testing has dramatically increased, double the amount of people have been tested over the last week than throughout the month of May.​

Senate Democrats are expected to ask DeSantis to go back to some of the more restrictive lockdown measures the Sunshine State saw earlier this year to try and stop this rise in cases.

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