ORLANDO, Fla. — Universal Orlando's new theme park is called "Epic Universe."

The new park will be built on a 750-acre site just off Universal Boulevard.

And although details were light during a news conference on Thursday, newly-released concept art gives a few clues about what Universal has planned for the new park.

It should be noted that Universal has not officially announced what lands will be included in its new park. But that hasn't stopped many fans and bloggers from speculating.

So what lands could Universal put in its "Epic Universe"?

Well, a Nintendo-themed land is coming to Orlando. Universal previously announced that but hasn't said where. There's also speculation about a How to Train Your Dragons land, or maybe a land themed after Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is on the way.

The concept art appears to show at least four themed lands.

On the left side of the image is what many believe to be Super Nintendo World. A large building in that area could house a Mario Kart attraction.

Working our way clockwise, just above that, is the rumored classic Universal Monsters area, which would be themed after a European village. Within the "monsters" area is also what appears to be an amphitheater.

On the right side of the concept art is what could be a Fantastic Beasts land. And just below that is what could be a How to Train Your Dragon-themed land.

The concept art also features a launch coaster between those two areas.

In the middle section of the new theme park is a series of walkways and lagoons. Lining the walkways are buildings that could be restaurants and shops. At the top of the image is a hotel.

Universal hasn't shared a timeline how when the new theme park will make its debut.

We'll just have to stay tuned for more reveals.

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