ORLANDO, Fla. – A sequel to the popular Arizona Sunshine VR experience is coming to Orlando, Nomadic has announced.

Set in a redesigned zombie universe, Arizona Sunshine: Rampage will be "darker and grittier" than its predecessor. The brand-new game will include advanced features "score-chaser" and "virtual goods," all designed to heighten the user experience.

Similar to other hyper-reality VR experiences like The VOID, players wear headsets that transport them into digital worlds. Within that world, players can interact with certain elements throughout the course.

Here's how Nomadic describes the new game:

"In Rampage, guests are tasked with re-entering the zombie infested refinery, at night, through the building's sewer system. Once inside, the objective is to destroy all the remaining infected creatures and remnants of the contaminated cure that has unfortunately accelerated the outbreak."

Nomadic decided to launch Arizona Sunshine: Rampage after experiencing success at its Pointe Orlando location.

"From the beginning, we're experienced a tremendous outpouring of support from the Orlando area," Nomadic founder and CEO Doug Griffin said in a statement. "To go from newcomer to a top 3 location on TripAdvisor in just months is unprecedented and we want to pay back the community by giving access to amazing new content."

Arizona Sunshine: Rampage is set to debut at Pointe Orlando this spring.  

Tickets for the original Arizona Sunshine game are $25. For ticket information, visit blurtheline.com.

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