DECEMBER 19, 2019: Arizona Sunshine VR experience is now open and selling tickets on its website.

ORLANDO, Fla. – There's a new virtual-reality experience in town, and it's leagues above the competition.

  • 'Arizona Sunshine' VR experience to open soon at Pointe Orlando
  • Participants battle zombies on mission to rescue doctor with cure
  • It's leagues ahead of other virtual-reality experiences out there

Nomadic, a California-based startup, has taken the popular VR game Arizona Sunshine and turned it into a terrifying and thrilling interactive experience.

In this version, players must find the doctor who has a cure for the zombie outbreak. Problem is, he's holed up in a refinery overrun by zombies.

If you make it in time, he lives. If you don't, well, let's just say, it's bad news for the doctor.

Before beginning their adventure, players must strap on a VR headset and backpack.

The game starts in a dimly-lit room that contains multiple props, including weapons and a filing cabinet with an "Easter egg" inside. If you pull open the drawer in the real world, it opens in the virtual. Eventually, a train approaches, and once aboard, players will feel wind as it speeds down the tracks.

From there, players will encounter hordes of zombies as they move scene to scene. And the zombies are relentless. They climb over fences. They crawl over platforms. They are everywhere.

What sets Nomadic apart from competitors such as The Void (which currently has a VR experience at Disney Springs) is how interactive the sets are. Buttons must be pushed. Levers pulled. If players see a door in the virtual world, it exists in the real world. So when players reach out to turn the knob, it's actually there.

At one point, players encounter a plank positioned "high above" the ground. Step on it, and the plank wobbles under your feet, giving the sense it could tilt at any moment.

Players will also encounter elevators and helicopters, each featuring realistic movements.

In addition to the amazing interactive elements, Arizona Sunshine features stellar visual effects. That's no surprise, considering creative minds behind Nomadic worked for Industrial Light and Magic on the Star Wars prequels.

Arizona Sunshine can be experienced as a single player or with multiple players, and there are two versions: one with plenty of gore for those 17 and older and one that's milder for those 13 and older.

Nomadic is set to open at Pointe Orlando soon, with plans to expand to other cities like Las Vegas and Los Angeles next year.

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