ORANGE CITY, Fla. -- A paving crew worker was run over by an asphalt paving machine and killed at a Volusia County construction site Tuesday, police said.

  • Deltona man run over by asphalt paving machine
  • Ulysses Tolbert was worker at construction site
  • Coworkers tried to move machine but couldn't

The death happened before noon at 915 Harley Strickland Blvd., near the West Volusia Towne Center in Orange City. Crews there were working at the site of a medical facility, Orange City Police said.

Investigators said 72-year-old Ulysses Tolbert of Deltona was driving the paver to another area of the parking lot when he fell out and was partially run over.

“Four or five cops cars showed up along with ambulance. There was a cement mixer. Everyone was seeing what going on,” said Chandler Miller, a manager at a nearby sports shop.

Police said fellow construction workers raced to the scene. They tried to lift the paving machine with another piece of equipment but were unsuccessful.

Tolbert was pronounced dead at the scene.

Gloria Grant was shopping in the nearby shopping center at the time of the incident.

“(It's) unfortunate, sad and hurt my heart hearing someone trying to (make) an honest living, and something this tragic, took place," she said. "I am really heartbroken to hear this."

Occupational Safety and Health Administration officials were called in, and the investigation is ongoing.

Anyone who can provide more information on the incident is asked to call Det. Ken Jones at (386) 775-5478.