ORLANDO, Fla.— Meet Big Air Ben. 

“If Jim Carey could be a seven year old, that’s Ben,” said Tony Lucas, Ben’s dad.

“He is super tough, he’s got grit,” said Samantha Lucas, Ben’s mom.

Ben is a high-flying seven year old who has no fear. 

“The feeling of when you land a trick you’re just like ahhh, you just love it,” said Ben Lucas, a professional scooter rider. 

Ben discovered his love for scootering two years ago and he hasn’t stopped since. 

“You’re probably going to think this is crazy but I used to be this skate park for 6 hours or 8 hours a day just scootering. I know it’s crazy,” said Ben. 

For Ben, riding is a way to express himself. 

“It’s real art. I love art and it’s real so I love it,” said Ben.

“Other people paint, other people play music, he gets to ride and that’s how he expresses himself,” said Tony.

Ben’s parents took that art form to a social media platform and next thing you know Ben started to get noticed by some of the biggest riders in the sport. 

“When you have people of that caliber starting to follow you it definitely raises your eyebrows and you’re like wow,” said Tony.

However, Ben doesn’t worry about the popularity as he focuses on the grind. 

“It’s not like he’s really interested in the fame he just likes what he does,” said Samantha. 

“I just care if you are having fun and you like it. I don’t care about how famous you can be or followers or views,” said Ben.

That attitude recently paid off a lot when Ben won several virtual contest. 

Ben has a talent that has been recognized from social media to virtual contest but most importantly he has a talent powered by one thing. 

“If you have a smile on your face you’re just going to think about having fun and you’re not going to think about your fear and oh my gosh it’s so scary. You’re just ultimately going to do it,” said Ben. ​