MELBOURNE, Fla.--   There are no guarantees in life.

“You can’t let any opportunity slip away from you right now. The next day is not given,” said Chase Smith, a Melbourne High School football player

That’s why Chase Smith gives it his all every day.

“You don’t know what’s going to happen the next day, not everything is guaranteed. So you have to take every opportunity. The Friday night lights is just a different type of adrenaline rush,” said Smith.

“I’ve told everybody that would listen that I think he’s the best thing going in Brevard county,” said Jayson Martin, Melbourne’s Head Football Coach.

College coaches listened. 

“I always dreamed of it, I always dreamed of it, it never really came to me that it would be a reality,” said Smith.

Smith recently committed to the University of Miami. Something his mom always wanted for him.

“She dedicated her whole life to make sure we made it out so that’s what I’m trying to do now,” said Smith.

Chase’s mom passed away two years ago after losing her fight with leukemia. 

Things are now different around the Smith house but her presence is still felt throughout.

“You got to be consistent with everything you do in this house,” said Smith. 

The other thing that remains consistent.

“As far as him going to the U, we bleed hurricanes around here, it’s as simple as that,” said Willie Smith, Chase’s dad.

Chase’s dad, Willie Smith, was an All-American tight end for Miami. 

“He was a great athlete, everybody who has played with him it’s all good stories. It’s tough shoes to fill but it’s nothing I cant handle,” said Chase.

Chase’s mom, grandma, and brother also went to Miami creating a legacy that Chase is ready to uphold. 

“Im just proud he has an opportunity to go there and has the opportunity to carry on that legacy, it’s once in a life time,” said Willie.

“It feels amazing to be able to commit to a school that my family members went to so who knows what opportunities I can create for the next generation of the Smiths,” said Chase.

No matter what happens next, Chase knows his mom will be watching. 

“It’s good to know that she’s over me at all times in everything I do from driving to being on this field to catching a pass to tackling somebody she’s watching. So every time I score the rest of the season I am going to look up at her and point and her and tell her you’re the one that allowed me to be here right now,” said Chase.