MERRITT ISLAND, FLA -- Conversation flows at the Mayo dinner table likes it's any other night. 

Per usual, football is the main topic. 

“We didn’t know if there was going to be practice today," said Merritt Island senior offensive lineman Brendan Mayo. "It was really supposed to rain." 

For this family, it feels good to sit down and talk shop. 

“It’s just crazy but we’re just glad to be in Florida where they have a little more common sense.”

This is what they'd be doing under normal circumstances. 

“There was nobody that was like oh many you’re going down there," Brendan said? "There’s no one that didn’t think it was a good idea or at least told me.”

A mid-major Division I lineman recruit, Brendan transferred to Merritt Island from Livonia, NY. The move comes after New York state opted to push the high school football season to the spring. That would have serious implications on Brendan's recruiting prospects. 

“The one thing we heard is we really want to look at your senior film," said Brendan's father Andy Mayo. "Not everyone is going to wait for senior film in the spring.”

A week after the state's announcement, the Mayo's packed up three cars and headed 1,200 miles south. 

“That week it was just crazy once the decision was made because we went back and forth," said Brendan's mother Allison. 

There was already some familiarity with the area. The Mayo's typically rent a vacation home in Merritt Island once a year. 

“Brendan and (younger brother) Sean have come home everyday talking about how great the kids are," Allison said. "How welcomed they felt here.”

The dinner time conversation includes two more topics. 

Film and future. 

“They want to see how you move on the field," Andy said. "Do you pull? Do you pancake folks? Do you destroy people? All those kind of things.”

“His dream is to go to a good academic school and play football," Allison said. 

Brendan and Merritt Island are off to a 2-0 start. The Mustangs host Space Coast in their home opener this Friday.