KISSIMMEE, Fla. – OK, thrill seekers. We're learning juicy details about when you'll get launched super fast and insanely high, thanks to new Central Florida attractions.

  1. A Slingshot thrill ride is now going vertical at Sunset Walk near Margaritaville Resort Orlando in Kissimmee.

  2. Ritchie Armstrong is the company owner. “[Riders] will climb into the gondola,” he says. “The gondola will actually lower down into a volcano. The volcano will rumble, it will smoke. And then we'll actually launch the guests. We'll launch them 400 feet into the air.”

  3. We visited the site, which is nuzzled up against Studio Movie Grill. The foundation has been poured and the two towers are going vertical. Riders will get to a whopping 100 mph in less than two seconds, according to Armstrong.

  4. A taller, world record-breaking Slingshot is currently under construction at ICON Park, to the south of The Wheel.

  5. The Sunset Walk Slingshot is expected to open by Thanksgiving. The ICON Park one is on track for a Christmas debut.