The new "Gotti" film is the only one with a thumbs up from the real Gotti family.

John Travolta plays the role of the "Dapper Don" mob boss, another request by the family. In fact, John Gotti Jr. was on set almost every day calling the shots. 

We got the chance to chat with Ocala's own Travolta just ahead of the film's debut:

ALLISON WALKER TORRES: John, thank you so much and welcome back to the show. This is the only film supported and vouched for by the Gotti family themselves. Is that right?

JOHN TRAVOLTA: Yes, it's historical in its own way that way because I was initially asked by the family to portray John Gotti, Sr., and my wife and I discussed the possibility of her playing Victoria. They liked that idea, too, and we're very proud to have delivered for them because they're lovely people, and they were very helpful in helping us design these characters.

AWT: Gotti, Jr. said he doesn't really know Hollywood, nor does he really want to know Hollywood, but John, he was on set almost every day with you.

JT: He was, and I was happy about that because I really wanted to be challenged by this role and to go further than what was expected of me. John, Jr. believed so deeply in my doing this, you know, that I didn't just want to disappoint, nor did Kelly (Preston). I think it was one of those situations where you get to do what you love doing, which is character-acting. But then you get to have an immediate challenge right there on the set to prove to them that you're being this other person.

AWT: Your director, Kevin Connolly, said he was struck by the normalcy of the Gotti family. Were you all there just eating dinner and hanging out?

JT: Absolutely. It was no different than any other American family at all. That's what was surprising and kind of wonderful.

AWT: I heard, John, that you actually wore some of Gotti's clothing. Could you actually smell his cologne?

JT: I could. That was the haunting part, was when I put on his tweed overcoat and black velour collar and I could smell his cologne. It helped and at the same time, it was kind of haunting.

AWT: Boy I wonder what kind it was...

JT: I know, actually, what kind it was. It was Grey Flannel, as a matter of fact. The scarves and the jewelry also helped. All these little things help an actor prepare and deliver a performance, I believe.

"Gotti" is now playing in theaters everywhere.