TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Gov. Ron DeSantis addressed the state Thursday night to give updates on efforts currently underway to address damage caused by Hurricane Ian.

Speaking at the State Emergency Operations Center in Tallahassee, DeSantis said more than 700 people had been rescued in Charlotte and Lee counties, and power had been restored to more than 200,000 people so far.

First Lady Casey DeSantis also announced that more than $10 million was donated to the Florida Disaster Fund within 24 hours of its activation.

The governor also released information on services and supplies that are being deployed to areas affected by the storm.

The Florida Department of Emergency Management is currently deploying the following resources:

  • More than 400 bottles of oxygen to Charlotte County
  • 255 ambulances
  • 200 trucks of food, water and ice
  • 200 large generators
  • Two full-service mechanical shops
  • 500,000 tarps
  • 375 kits for parents of infants and toddlers with critical supplies that will last for 10 days each
  • Four mobile triage units to Miami-Dade County
  • Five truckloads of blankets and five truckloads of cots to support displaced residents
  • FDEM is currently coordinating the provision of meals for first responders staged in Orange County

While DeSantis said there were 2.6 million people without power Thursday night, he said more than 200,000 accounts had been restored. 

Restorations in the following counties currently stand at:

  • 62,000 in Sarasota County
  • 44,000 in Hillsborough County
  • 33,000 in Manatee County
  • 28,000 in Lee County
  • 14,000 in Collier County
  • 12,000 in Charlotte County

The governor's office also said 42,000 linemen are working around the clock to restore power, and 125 Florida Highway Patrol officers are helping to transport utility crews.

DeSantis' office has the full list of response efforts on its website.