When the heat gets out of hand, most Central Floridians head indoors.

But those who work outside have not choice but to battle the blazing temperatures.

That means taking the proper precautions.

"It's definitely the hottest day I feel," Josh Robinson said. He's a team supervisor at Evergreen Lawn Care of Brevard — and a former paramedic. 

On the job for the last eight years, Robinson has plenty of experience in the Florida heat. He takes heat safety seriously.

"I have a little pad ... to keep me cool, but other than that I just try and stay hydrated. That's the biggest thing out here," he said.

With heat indices soaring over 100 degrees, company owner Jenn Vila says the health of her employees is her number one concern.

"We also make sure they have water on their trucks, we have ice at our shop and they also fuel up with their water throughout the day," Vila said, explaining that workers can take as many breaks as they need and are allowed to work slower.

"We take care of ourselves. We learn to watch out for each other. We always work as a team for things like that," Robinson said.

CDC tips for preventing heat-related illness 

  • Do not leave children in cars
  • Stay cool indoors, when possible
  • Schedule outdoor activities carefully
  • Pace yourself
  • Wear sunscreen
  • Avoid hot and heavy meals