LAKE COUNTY, Fla. – Some Lake County High Schools offer a program to provide experiential learning and introduce students to the field of construction. 

What You Need To Know

  • Program in Lake County teaches high school students about constructions

  • Students help build homes and learn life skills

  • The program is in partnership with Habitat for Humanity

​This class teaches students the basics of building, while also picking up life skills.

It’s graduation season, and some students are spending it helping create a home for a Lake County couple.

“It’s happy, it’s a feeling of joy because you get to give people the keys for them to start their life,” said Aaron Dudhnath, a senior at South Lake High School.

Twelve South Lake High School students, including senior Dudhnath, built this home as part of the Youth Construction Academy program. 

“Day by day, kind of see the house come from the bottom and up is a very great thing to see happen. Especially us, we’re young and to get in there and get that experience is great,” Dudhnath said.

Their instructor believes the partnership with Habitat for Humanity will provide the students with a strong foundation.

“Whether you want to be in construction or not, all these are valuable skills you’re going to learn. Instead of maybe coming out and paying someone to fix something simple, you’re able to take care of it yourself,” said Jared Fullerton, the Construction Academy Teacher at South Lake High School.

Being at the work site came with many benefits and experiences. 

“Hanging a door, putting in cabinets, installing flooring, that’s not stuff we can really do in the classroom,” Fullerton said.

New homeowners Mark and Mindy say they were overwhelmed with the finished product.

“High school students can do more than people think. It’s amazing that they’re learning those skills. Houses aren’t going away anytime soon, so they’ve always got jobs,” new homeowner Mark Owen said. 

And graduates like Aaron are already turning this hands-on learning into more opportunities.

“An internship, to get some experience and possibly further work for a time in the trade,” Dudhnath said.

“There couldn’t be a better way to teach them many life skills, including construction, how to be part of your community and start growing up,” Fullerton said. 

Through the Habitat for Humanity program, South Lake High School already has three more houses planned for future student builds.