LAKE COUNTY, Fla. — Lake County took notice of the dipping COVID-19 vaccination rates in Central Florida and came up with an initiative to drive numbers back up.

You can now get your shot, and also get something for free.

What You Need To Know

  • Lake County devises program to improve vaccination numbers

  • Shot recipients receive a disCOUNT voucher to go with vaccine cards

  • Freebies or discounts for gyms, travel agencies, event companies among the offers

  • The vouchers can give businesses a boost, too, county official says

Ryan Lee received her second COVID-19 vaccine at Lake Square Mall in Leesburg. 

“I’m relieved because it’s done, and I have immunity,” Ryan Lee said.

After getting the shot, Lee took home her vaccine card — and also a new voucher.

“I thought it was really cool for the small businesses, and maybe people want to get shots for the discounts,” Lee said.

Lake County recently rolled out the Make Your Shot DisCOUNT card.

“When the numbers started dipping down below a thousand a day, we were trying to figure out ways to incentivize people to come out and also help local businesses,” Lake County Manager Alan Rosen said.

So far, some businesses that have signed up to give discounts or freebies include gyms, event companies and travel agencies, like TDJ Travel, which is offering a $100 credit.

“I have a lot of customers who want to get back to sailing, who hadn’t gotten their shots yet,” TDJ travel adviser Tony DeNicola said. “So it’s a great opportunity for me to say, ‘Hey, there’s this place over at the mall. Just go there, and get your shot.’ That way, when the cruises start going again, you’re all set to go. ”

Lee said she is extremely interested in the travel discounts, and now she plans to sign up her business, On Point Barber Shop, to be part of the Make Your Shot DisCOUNT. 

“We are upcoming, and hopefully, it brings in more customers,” Lee said.

“We’re hearing a lot about this being the next Roaring 20s, and we want to do our part in Lake County to help businesses get a piece of that,” Rosen said.

Lake Square Mall will offer first shots through May 4 and second shots until May 25. Businesses can still sign up to be part of the Make Your Shot DisCOUNT voucher.