BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. — Nurses remain on the front lines of the pandemic, and many are taking care of our nation's veterans and their families.

What You Need To Know

  • Lori Baldwin is a traveling nurse with the VA

  •  She has been traveling across the country to give veterans the COVID-19 vaccine

  • She is currently working at the VA drive-up clinic in Viera

Lori Baldwin joined the VA last year, and began working in the COVID unit.

She met a colleague who was a traveling nurse, criss crossing the nation helping out at other clinics.

Baldwin did her first 13-week tour as a traveling nurse in Waco, Texas.

"I really just wanted to be part of this first line of getting the vaccines out," she said. "Giving this hope to our veterans."

Since January, she's been working each day at the VA drive-up clinic in Viera.

Baldwin says she's met some amazing people.

People like 98-year-old Thomas Yankus, an Army Air Corps veteran shot down in World War II and captured by the Germans.

"He was helped by a lady, an American in Paris, who helped him get with the French resistance, and he was there for five months until Patton liberated the area," says Baldwin.

She says the vets and their families that she's helping here are incredibly grateful for the effort.

Baldwin has several family members who have served the country, and even though she didn't, the thankful veterans are still giving her praise.

"They are very excited that they can finally get this done," Baldwin said. "They said, 'Well you're serving now, this is your opportunity.' It's been very humbling, and it is an honor. It's not a job — this has been a very good experience."

Call it Baldwin's way of saluting fellow Americans like Yankus​, who have worn the uniform.

Baldwin said her next stop is back home in West Virginia, where she will continue vaccinating veterans.