ST. CLOUD, Fla. — A longtime independent pharmacy in Osceola County has vaccinated more than 1,000 homebound seniors for COVID-19, as part of a partnership with the county.

What You Need To Know

  •  Prescriptions Unlimited has partnered with the Osceola County Health Department to provide a vaccination program for seniors

  •  Opening in 1977, the company is the longest standing independent pharmacy in the county

  • Workers have so far vaccinated more than 1,000 homebound seniors

Prescriptions Unlimited, which opened in 1977, is the only independent pharmacy in the state that has partnered with a county health department to provide a consistent vaccination program for seniors.

The owner and pharmacist Eric Larson said they bill Medicare for administering the shots. The federal government pays them almost $17 for the first dose and about $28 for the second dose but he said that doesn't really cover the reporting, paperwork and travel involved.

And when it comes to uninsured or undocumented patients that type of work is volunteer for them, he said.

“This is single handedly the hardest thing that we've ever endured as a company or myself but it's also the most rewarding, by far," Larson said. "Hands down."

Prescriptions Unlimited receives their vaccines from the Department of Health, while agencies like the Osceola Council of Aging help identify homebound seniors in need of a vaccine.

Homebound seniors in Osceola County that are 65 and older seeking vaccines can call Prescriptions Unlimited at 407-892-7166 or email to schedule an appointment.