COCOA, Fla., — Imagine being a teenager and people around you already recognize that you're destined to become a teacher. That's what happened to Brevard County A+Teacher, Bianca Drawdy. 

What You Need To Know

  • Bianca Drawdy teaches kindergarten at Cambridge Elementary Magnet School

  • Years before she became an educator, her mother told her that teaching was the career for her

  • Her grandmother was a teacher in Cuba

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"It's definitely pretty intimidating coming into a school," said Drawdy, who teaches kindergarten at Cambridge Elementary Magnet School. "When I was in high school — coming into a school and taking care of all these children — some of them were even taller than me because I'm a pretty short person and the teachers who were there they were always just super encouraging."

It was those positive vibes during Drawdy's after-school job when she discovered that teaching really was her passion. Her grandmother was a teacher in Cuba. Drawdy's own mother told her years before that teaching was the career for her. 

"She would tell me I was going to be a teacher even when I was in elementary school," Drawdy said.

These days Drawdy teaches class in person and online. 

"So Zoom is the greatest platform that I use and essentially everything that my kids do in class my online ones do as well," she said.

She says creating the right atmosphere for all her students is key and that community building is important which is why she has her students take part in something called circle time. 

"And so I just ask a question and every student gets to answer," Drawdy said. "It could be anywhere from what did you do over the weekend to how can we be a good friend. So I always just try to cultivate that relationship through conversation — just vulnerability — and honesty between them even though they're little."