KISSIMMEE, Fla. — An Osceola County A+ Teacher was nominated by her husband, who wrote a letter explaining that his wife's, "ultimate goal as an educator is to teach children the word of God and the value of giving back." 


What You Need To Know

  • A+ Teacher Ashley Grangroth teaches at Peace Lutheran School

  • Grangroth was nominated by her husband

  • Took her students to deliver stuffed animals to Ronald McDonald House


Ashley Grangroth teaches kindergartners at Peace Lutheran School in Kissimmee.

"It's really neat to see them light up when they walk through the door," she said.

It's Grangroth's biggest joy.

"Our kids are usually pretty happy and excited to come in and start our day, and be around their friends and just have that loving and inviting atmosphere. We are a Christian Day School, so we start with religion and then we go into our reading program," Grangroth added.

Grangroth was nominated for the experiences she provides her young students with, inside and outside of the classroom, like a field trip last year before the COVID-19 pandemic.

Her third, fourth and fifth grade students delivered stuffed animals to children at a Ronald McDonald House.

"I've always been touched by organizations that are set up for children and families. My own father passed away from colon cancer and Lou Gehrig's, so I do a lot with cancer research and ALS," she said.

During the student's field trip, she said they were deeply touched by an 11-year-old boy who was there awaiting surgery.

"Our kids were asking him personal questions about things because he was their age so they really related to him,” Grangroth added.

It was eye opening experience too that led Grangroth to choose a career in teaching.

"As a senior in high school I went back to a kindergarten class and volunteered once a week,” she mentioned.

Grangroth's mother is also a teacher.

"I always kind of had that calling. I love seeing them learn and I love knowing that what I'm doing makes an impact on them each and every day,” she said.