THE VILLAGES, Fla. — Workers are preparing for Vice President Mike Pence’s scheduled arrival by bus Saturday to Brownwood Paddock Square.

What You Need To Know

  • Vice President Mike Pence is scheduled to arrive by bus

  • Republicans plan a golf cart rally to welcome him

  • Democrats said they will encourage voters to cast their ballots

  • People who want to go must register at

Local Republicans are organizing a golf cart rally to welcome the vice president on his campaign stop.

“The Villagers, they love our president,” Republican campaign volunteer Cyndi Stewart said, “They stand behind him. They're supportive.”

Meanwhile, Democratic volunteers say they will use Pence’s campaign stop as an opportunity to call on residents to make sure they will vote.

“Let's go rally,” Democratic campaign volunteer Dee Melvin said. “Let's not engage. Instead, let's use this as an opportunity to motivate our volunteers to start making phone calls to get our Democrats elected.”

According to state elections data, Democrats living in Sumter County have nearly tripled in requests for mail-in ballots compared to the election in 2016.

So far, 3,800 of those ballots have been returned. On the Republican side, only 2,500 mail-in ballots have been returned.

People can see the vice-president in person on Saturday by registering online at Only people who receive passes can enter.​ Two tickets will be handed out per cell phone number.​