ORLANDO, Fla. — One of the new attractions coming to Epcot next year will shrink riders down to the size of a rat.

  • Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure scheduled to open next summer
  • Ride will be located inside Epcot's France pavilion
  • Upcoming ride is just 1 part of Epcot's transformation

Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure is scheduled to open next summer inside the park’s France pavilion. It’s based on the Ratatouille attraction at Disneyland Paris.

On Tuesday, Disney invited members of the media to a walk-through tour of the attraction, which is currently under construction.

Although no photos or video were allowed, here’s what we saw:

The tour included the attraction’s loading area, as well as the first two scenes riders will experience.

The loading area is made to look like the rooftops of Paris, with oversized chimneys and rain gutters. This is the area where riders will board trackless ride vehicles built to look like rats.

From there we were taken to the first scene, which features a giant screen.

After that we were guided through a scene that resembled Gusteau’s pantry. There were plenty of oversized set pieces in this part of the attraction, including a 2.7 ton ham and other food items.

Disney is using a technique to make riders feel like they are the size of rats. In addition to the set pieces being oversized, many of them are tilted ever so slightly. The lines on the buildings in Paris aren’t completely straight. The rain gutter isn’t quite even.

Special effects, including projections, will give the attraction a 4D feel.

With the addition of the Ratatouille attraction, Disney doubles the size of the France pavilion, which also feature a new creperie.

Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure is just one part of Epcot’s ongoing transformation.

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