CASSELBERRY, Fla. — There’s something quite important missing on a tax bill for several thousand people in Seminole County.

  • Escrow information missing on tax bill for 10,000 homeowners
  • Affects homeowners who went through Wells Fargo for a mortgage
  • Mortgage loan originator: severity of the situation is very minimal

If you are a homeowner who went through Wells Fargo for a mortgage, you may be one of 10,000 people who are not seeing anything about escrow information on your bill.

Justin Davis is a mortgage loan originator for Nations Lending. Before being hired at Nations Lending, he held the same position at Wells Fargo.

This week the former Wells Fargo employee has heard from some of his former customers — 10,000 customers of Wells Fargo mortgages have led to phone calls for Davis.

“That was the biggest thing that popped in my head is that people are freaking out for no reason,” Davis said. “That (homeowners) owe thousands of dollars, and here is the bank having that thousands of dollars in the account and ready to make that payment.”

In the past few weeks, Seminole County homeowners received their property tax bills in the mail. If you pay through escrow, you should see the information. At the bottom of your bill you should also see a notification the bill has been “requested by your lender.”

Several Wells Fargo customers don’t have escrow information or the request made by their lender statement.

According to Wells Fargo, the omission of escrow information was due to a coding error which originated from the tax payers office.

Alan Byrd, Seminole County Tax Collector spokesman, released this statement to Spectrum News 13: “We are working with the banks to ensure all taxes are paid and our Seminole residents should have no concerns about the issue.”

The severity of the situation is very minimal, according to Davis.

“It’s not serious at all. The bank is going to pay property taxes whether you get that bill or not. The lender or bank is going to make that payment.”

For those who do not escrow property taxes, they will have to make a payment directly to the county. If you are one of the 10,000 impacted by this, here’s what you need to do:

First, contact your lender to make sure they have either requested your tax bill or received it from the county.

Also, you can log on to the county website with your tax bill number located on the top right of your bill to see if it has been paid.