ORLANDO, Fla. — Orlando toddler Jenzell Cintron Perez has been found safe and his mother, who is accused of abducting him, has been charged, according to the Orlando Police Department.

OPD announced Wednesday afternoon that 2-year-old Perez and his mother, 33-year-old Sugey Perez Diaz, were found in DeLand.

"The child is in good health. The mother is arrested under the warrant for armed burglary and aggravated assault," stated Lt. Wanda Miglio.

Perez was reunited with his father and stepmother Stephanie Maldonado Wednesday night.

"We are so thankful. Really, I hope every kid on the missing child list appears, because it is a horrible feeling to go through," Maldonado said. 

Police say they were called to the Metro at Michigan Park Condos on South Conway Road just before midnight Tuesday, where they were told the boy kidnapped.

The apartment belongs to Jenzell Perez's father. He was not home at the time of the incident.

Perez's stepmother, Stephanie Maldonado, told Spectrum News 13 that Diaz and an armed man allegedly broke into her apartment with a gun and demanded that Perez be handed over to her.

"She's aggressive. She has committed violent acts against the baby, that's why we have the baby. She once broke his mouth, he lost two teeth. If you see the photo he has missing teeth because of his mother," Maldonado said, who called Diaz a drug addict.

However, during a Tuesday morning news conference with the media, Det. Chuck Crosby said there was no history of child abuse or neglect, though there were allegations made against Diaz.

"There are open DCF investigations, but there are no criminal charges pending from the result of those," Crosby said.

He did say there are some DCF cases of the child having injuries, but he was not sure if the boy received medical treatment. 

In addition to the Orlando area, investigators searched Volusia County. They said Diaz had connections in the Ormond Beach area.

In a second Amber Alert notice, a person listed as a companion is also being sought. Angelica Melendez, 23, has black hair and brown eyes. It was not made clear if the man and Melendez were one and the same.

Before the boy was found, Orlando Police Chief Orlando Rolon was worried about Perez. 

"But our concern, of course, is the means of which she used to get the child, right? Being armed, kicking her way into the place, forcing her way into the residence … ," said Rolon during the early morning news conference. 

Meanwhile, there's no word on whether law enforcement found the armed man who police say helped take the boy from his father's house, nor a woman that FDLE said at one point was possibly with Diaz.

The mother is in custody in Volusia County, and will eventually be taken back to Orange County to face armed burglary and aggravated assault charges.