ORLANDO, Fla. — A Longwood toddler left in a box on a stranger's porch in Buffalo, New York, is back home with his grandmother in Orlando after a complicated custody battle that crossed state lines. 

  • Missing toddler found in Buffalo, NY back home in Orlando
  • Grandma has temporary custody of 3-year-old Noelvin
  • Noelvin found alone on stranger's porch in Buffalo
  • Parents still missing since September 15
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Officials say the boy was found just a mile from an incinerated car his parents had rented, with human remains inside. 

The two bodies were found in the car last Monday. 

Investigators are still working to determine who they belong to and whether this is all connected. 

Meanwhile, the boy's grandmother, Zenaida Colon, has been fighting for custody of her three-year-old grandson Noelvin ever since. 

She was denied the first go-around last week, then was rushed back to Orlando to complete a background check and prove her home is a safe environment. 

Right now, Colon only has temporary custody of Noelvin. 

"Tears, just tears of joy. I am overwhelmed, I'm happy. We want Noelvin back on track and help him with all of the needs that he's gonna need from now on," she said. 

Colon's son and Noelvin's mother have been missing since September 15, when the family and a friend arrived in Buffalo.  Officials said that friend is also missing. 

Surveillance video from around 3 a.m. on September 16 shows the burning car in the distance and Noelvin with two other people. 

Colon says she plans to fight for full custody of Noelvin, all while praying that her three loved ones are found safe.