ORLANDO, Fla. — As Hurricane Dorian beared down on Florida, more than 2,900 reports of price gouging were sent into the Florida Attorney General's office.

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody broke down efforts to deal with price gouging in a statement released Thursday. 


  • Her office received 2,994 reports of price gouging 
  • More than 80 percent of the reports involved fuel or water
  • The office's rapid response team has been to more than 180 stores so far
  • Hundreds of reports are still under review 

Moody also said there were still several active cases going on, but so far her office has obtained $1,200 in refunds, credits or adjustments.

Florida's price gouging rules go into effect whenever a state of emergency is declared. The law prohibits selling, renting or offering to sell or rent essentials, lodgings or storage facilities for an amount that "grossly exceeds" the average price for that product 30 days before the state of emergency is declared..

The attorney general's office then activates its price gouging hotline (1-866-9NO-SCAM). This time, the state also released a NO SCAM app for mobile devices. The state received 705 tips through the app.

In Central Florida, the attorney general's office received 358 reports of price gouging from Orange County alone, along with 115 reports from Volusia County and 99 reports from Brevard County.

Florida is still under a state of emergency and the price gouging hotline remains active.