TITUSVILLE, Fla. —  A new school year is here again, and just like clockwork, a gift of comfort for children who may normally go without.

  • Brevard County women hand-makes quilts for underprivelleged children 
  • Kathy Phillips is a quilt shop owner 
  • Coquina Elementary staff wanted to provide gifts of comfort to some of their students 

They are handmade quilt.

Sewn by three dozen ladies, from across the country, who are members of four Titusville area quilting guilds.

"Quilts represent comfort, and love," says Kathy Phillips. "The ladies who make these quilts put all of that into it and more."

Three years ago Phillips, who owns a quilt shop in the Titusville Mall, was approached by the staff at Coquina Elementary.

Most of the kids who go to the school are underprivileged. So she came up with the idea to create quilts for students.

"They could use the help," says Phillips. "That little extra gift goes a long way."

That year the ladies made twenty custom quilts.

This year the number has doubled, and 40 kids will receive soft, unique, gender-neutral 40 by 50 inch blankets.

"Most of them are getting them done in a week or two at most," she tells us.

Phillips credits the quilters for their hard work and dedication.

And is grateful the gifts can brighten low income kids day during their school year, and beyond.

"Even something as small as a quilt can mean the world to them," says Phillips. "Our children are our future, charity should begin at home."

It's for these reasons Kathy Phillips is this week's Everyday Hero.