WEST MELBOURNE, Fla. — Three West Melbourne schools couldn't catch a break from the heat on the first day of school, as air-conditioning issues persisted with temperatures rising outside.

  • West Melbourne schools deal with AC issues on 1st day of school
  • Heat index Monday was between 105 to 110 degrees
  • School district said issues affect the 3 schools throughout the day
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Meadowlane Primary School, Meadowlane Intermediate School, and Central Middle School were impacted. All three schools are next to each other on Wingate Boulevard.

The heat index reached between 105-110 degrees Monday.

Brevard Public Schools says the schools were having AC issues throughout the day.

We're told all three were up and running again by early afternoon.

On top of that, the schools were also having phone and internet problems, which they say AT&T was working on since early morning.

Officials are waiting on more information, but it's possible the phone-internet issues caused the AC problems.

Parents tell Spectrum News 13 they were notified via email around 8:15 a.m. and received a text at 11:15 a.m. about the situation.

One parent we spoke with says her two children complained to her about being hot at Monday

“My oldest in third grade said her teacher used a squirt bottle to kind of keep them cool throughout the day. Not ideal, but they made it through the day,” said parent Danielle Maldonado.

We spoke to Brevard Public Schools Superintendent Mark Mullins about the issues. He told us the school system has implemented some processes where teams start the air conditioners earlier on Monday mornings, giving them extra time to service the units.

Brevard voters approved a half-cent sales tax a couple years ago. Over the summer the district used the money to install new AC units at several Space Coast schools.