OSCEOLA COUNTY, Fla. — Mom always said not to write on the walls, but at NeoCity Academy it's encouraged to do so.

Here are five things to know about the NeoCity Academy.

1) The campus is 44,000 square feet and holds up to 500 students.

2) The roof of NeoCity Academy hosts 650 self-ballasted solar panels that will lead to 228kW of energy production. The school will use 76 percent less energy than a regular school, with savings expected to be over $115,000 a year. Meaning, the school will generate more power than it consumes on an annual basis.

3) Campus features include air purification technology, enhanced lighting, natural daylighting, collaboration laboratories and break-out spaces.

4) The building is designed to be used as a teaching tool. For example, students are encouraged to write on the walls (with dry erase markers). 

5) Instead of a cafeteria, the school is incorporating a food cantina truck that reduces operational costs.