ORLANDO, Fla. — In Orlando’s Parramore community, day-to-day challenges can sometimes get in the way of children’s learning.  Everyday Hero Nicole Lebron works to make sure students get the opportunities they need to learn and grow – after classes wrap up each day.

  • Nicole Lebron works at a Parramore community school
  • She creates after-school activities for students
  • Lebron's mission is to keep kids out of trouble

When the school day ends, Nicole Lebron’s work is just beginning.

"We’re working to remove barriers to our students' academic success," said Lebron, the Expanded Learning Coordinator at Orange County Public Schools' Academic Center for Excellence.

The community school opened just two years ago in the heart of Orlando’s Parramore neighborhood. Students there can face barriers like poverty, crime and even hunger. Lebron creates after-school activities for the students. 

"The best part of my day is when I come and meet the kids, I’m walking down the corridor and they see me and start chanting "Ms. Nicole, Ms. Nicole" and then I run and they give me a big hug and then we start our time together," said Lebron.

Lebron is a social worker who’s always loved helping children. Tired of cold New Jersey winters, she moved to Orlando a year and a half ago.

But she wasn’t done helping children. 

"Growing up I didn’t have basketball or baseball or art club," Lebron said.

She volunteered at the Parramore school and after just a few months, she was hired on full-time.

"We were having some major behavior struggles with the students and felt like wow, I was led to be here – I felt like I needed to be here," Lebron said.

Part of Lebron’s mission is to keep kids out of trouble.

"If I see a kid outside that I know is supposed to be in school, I’m like - hey where are you, why are you not here, get into your program, let’s get involved," Lebron said.

Lebron makes sure despite any challenges the students may face, they get exposed to a wide-variety of learning experiences so they can figure out what interests them.

"To be able to bring that here is an awesome experience," Lebron said.

Lebron says someday she wants to open her own after-school community center where she can help students with disabilities.