ORLANDO, Fla. -- A person dressed as the Easter Bunny jumped into the middle of a fight between two people in downtown Orlando Sunday night.

  • Two people were fighting in downtown Orlando
  • Easter Bunny jumped in the middle of fight
  • Fight broken up by a bystander and police officer

Video of the fight, which has since gone viral, was captured by an Orlando promoter who goes by the name Workfth. 

The fight happened near the SAK Comedy Lab. The video shows two people engaged in a brawl before the Easter Bunny jumps in to break it up.

But the Easter Bunny quickly gets pulled into the fight, throwing some punches of his own.

The fight was quickly broken up by a bystander and an Orlando police officer.

"It was crazy," Workfth said. "I can't believe I go it on video. I'm always downtown, because I'm a promoter, and I just caught it."

Spectrum News 13 has reached out to Orlando Police for more information about the incident.

Happy Easter, indeed.