The call of the wild echoes at this preserve up in the Panhandle.

  • Seacrest Wolf Preserve connects people with wolves
  • Visitors of the preserve are 'overwhelmed' when seeing the wolves

Seacrest Wolf Preserve takes human and wolf interaction to a whole new level and here their wolves aren't shy about showing some affection.

It's a howling good time, with a unique twist.

"We actually went into the enclosure," first time visitor Angela Rowell said, "We were overwhelmed. They came straight to us they were all over us."

For self-proclaimed wolf enthusiast Rowell, this is the first time she's been up close to an actual wolf. Bypassing the glass and cages, for a chance to get right up next to them.

"We pet them and they loved on us. It's just been such an amazing experience," Rowell said.

The wolves come right up to you and licking your face and allowing you to pet them. Seacrest Wolf Preserve have a total of 36 different wolves you can interact with during your stay.

Founded in 1999, the Watkins Family has made it their mission to help educate the public and break the stigmas that surround wolves, helping people to see the gentle side.

"We've had people sit in these enclosures and cry and just many different human emotions are stirred when you have this powerful experience," founder Cynthia Watkins said.

The 2-hour private guided tours will take you through three different enclosures, starting with grey wolves and ending with the arctic wolves.

For first-time visitors the preserve certainly leaves you feeling much more connected to nature.

"They're just beautiful they're amazing the family dynamics. It's just unbelievable," Rowell said.

Monday through Friday, the preserve offers VIP tours with small groups.

On Saturdays, the preserve has larger guided tours that only cost $35 per person.

Those tours start at 1 p.m. and all tours are by reservation only.

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