ORLANDO, Fla. — Inside a P.F. Chang’s in Winter Park, the anticipation is almost too much to take for Kristin Scaglione.

It's her first time meeting face-to-face with Roddy Naranjo, who has been waiting for someone like Scaglione to come into his life for four years.

Scaglione is giving Naranjo one of her kidneys.

“I can’t repay her anything … she has given me a second lease on life,” Naranjo said.

Spectrum News 13’s Erin Murray first met Naranjo when Orlando Police Officer Keith Gibson tried to be his kidney donor.

“They called me a week later and said, ‘Hey you are a perfect match,’” Gibson said.

It all fell apart though when doctors learned one of Gibson’s kidneys is abnormal. But instead of just saying goodbye, Gibson put the word out to his friends and family.

The promise to help met the ears of fellow Officer Philip Scaglione, who is married to Kristin.

“People say why do you want to do this, and people ask my husband, why does your wife want to do this? And my only response is why isn’t everyone else doing it?” Scaglione said.

For the pair, the surgery can’t come soon enough.

“I said if we can do it before Christmas ... even better,” Scaglione said.

It became a wish granted though, because next Wednesday on December 12 is the surgery. With no fear for the surgery, they both just share continued concern for one another.

“They are going to have to wheel me over to the section he is in, because they will be separated in different wings of the hospital, so somebody better come and get me, and bring me to where Roddy is so I know he is OK,” Scaglione said.

The pair are now more than just instant friends -- they are bonded for life.

“That was the first light at the end of the tunnel; now there is no light, (because)I know it is happening,” Naranjo said.

The pair go to Tampa General Tuesday night for an early morning Wednesday surgery. It will take three days of recovery for Scaglione and five days for Roddy.